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Theoretical Study of the Evolution of Electronic Properties, Polarizabilities and Hyperpolarizabilities, in Homologous Series of Model Compounds.

Ph.D. Thesis (1992) :

Elaboration of Quantum Chemistry Procedures to Evaluate the Polarizabilities of Stereoregular Polymers.

Thesis of "Agrégation de l'Enseignement Supérieur" (2001) :

Elaboration of Quantum Chemistry Methods for the Evaluation of Vibrational Hyperpolarizabilities - Consequences for Nonlinear Optics.




J.M. André, D.H. Mosley, M.C. André, B. Champagne, E. Clementi, J.G. Fripiat, L. Leherte, L. Pisani, D.P. Vercauteren, and M. Vra ko

J.M. André, D.H. Mosley, M.C. André, B. Champagne, E. Clementi, J.G. Fripiat, L. Leherte, L. Pisani, D.P. Vercauteren, and M. Vra ko


Representative Articles




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