Income concentration in British India, 1885-1946.
Online appendix.
Joint with Facundo Alvaredo and Augustin Bergeron
Journal of Development Economics (2017)

Identity Based Policies and Identity Manipulation: Evidence from Colonial Punjab.
Online appendix. Raw data and replication files.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2015).

Religion, Politician Identity and Development Outcomes: Evidence From India
Joint with Sonia Balhotra, Irma Clots-Figueras and Laskhmi Iyer
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2014)
Press Cover: Business Standard

Working papers
Affirmative Action, Education and Gender: Evidence from India.
R&R Journal of Development Economics
Press Cover: The Hindu, G-MonD, I4I

Identities and Public Policies: Unintended Effects of Political Reservations for Women in India.
Joint with Lore Vandewalle
Press cover: Vox.eu

Enfranchisement, Political Participation and Political Competition:Evidence from India.
Joint with Lakshmi Iyer and Rinchan Mirza
Available upon demand

Work in progress
Democratization and Media Supply: Evidence from India
Joint with Julia Cagé and Francesca Jensenius

Identity, Occupational Choice and Misallocation: India 1911-2011
Joint with Dan Keniston and Tatjana Kleineberg

Poverty Measurement and the Mortality Paradox
Joint with Jean Marie Baland and Benoit Decerf

Redistricting and Public Goods: Evidence from India
Joint with Laurent Bouton, Micael Castanheira, Garance Genicot and Francesca Jensenius.

Are the "Missing Girls" missed? Evidence from Early Age Mortality in India.
Joint with Jean-Marie Baland, Marie-Sophie Vandamme and François Woitrin

Work that will progress
Democratization, Media Supply and Media Bias: Evidence from the USA
Joint with Julia Cagé and James Snyder

Non academic publications
La caste dans l'Inde en développement , Collection du CEPREMAP, Editions Rue d'Ulm. 2015. (in French)
Economie des politiques publiques , Repères, La Découverte. 2010. Co-authored. (in French) (A few pages here, buy it here)
Migration "Push" Factors in Non-OECD Countries over the Long Run, in The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries, OECD, 2009. Joint with Anna di Mattia. Buy it here