Affirmative Action, Education and Gender: Evidence from India.
Journal of Development Economics (2019).
Online appendix. Raw data and replication files.
Press Cover: The Hindu, G-MonD, I4I

Income concentration in British India, 1885-1946.
Online appendix.
Joint with Facundo Alvaredo and Augustin Bergeron
Journal of Development Economics (2017).

Identity Based Policies and Identity Manipulation: Evidence from Colonial Punjab.
Online appendix. Raw data and replication files.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2015).

Religion, Politician Identity and Development Outcomes: Evidence From India
Joint with Sonia Balhotra, Irma Clots-Figueras and Laskhmi Iyer
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2014).
Press Cover: Business Standard

Working papers
"Too young to die". Deprivation measures combining poverty and premature mortality
Joint with Jean-Marie Baland and Benoit Decerf

Identities and Public Policies: Unintended Effects of Political Reservations for Women in India.
Joint with Lore Vandewalle
Press cover: Vox.eu, Ideas for India

Enfranchisement, Political Participation and Political Competition: Evidence from India.
Joint with Lakshmi Iyer and Rinchan Mirza
Available upon demand

Work in progress
Voting Power and the Supply of News Media: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from India
Joint with Julia Cagé and Francesca Jensenius

Dharma in General Equilibrium: Caste and Occupational Choice in India
Joint with Dan Keniston and Tatjana Kleineberg

Redistricting and Public Goods: Evidence from India
Joint with Laurent Bouton, Micael Castanheira, Garance Genicot and Francesca Jensenius.

Stopping Rule and Mortality: World Evidence.
Joint with Jean Marie Baland and Marie-Sophie Vandamme.

Work that will progress
Democratization, Media Supply and Media Bias: Evidence from the USA
Joint with Julia Cagé and James Snyder

The caste system in colonial India
Joint with Siwan Anderson and Viktoria Hnatkovska

Non academic publications
The Economics of Caste
Chapter prepared for the Oxford Handbook of Caste in Contemporary/Modern Times, Surinder S. Jodhka and Jules Naudet eds.

La caste dans l'Inde en développement
Collection du CEPREMAP, Editions Rue d'Ulm. 2015. (in French)

Economie des politiques publiques
Repères, La Découverte. 2010. Co-authored. (in French)
A few pages here

Migration "Push" Factors in Non-OECD Countries over the Long Run
Joint with Anna di Mattia.
in The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries, OECD, 2009.