The Tranportation Research Group (TRG) is inserted in the Applied Mathematics Department of the University of Namur (Belgium) and therefore has a double specificity: for the past 20 years, it has been focussing on traffic models for urban areas, but it is also involved in the development of the basic operations research tools occuring in modern transportation modelling and in the associated behavioural analysis.

The TRG has been involved and continues to be involved in a number of projects at european (DG VI and XIII), national (sustainable mobility programs) and regional levels.

The group has a wide network of national and international collaborative contacts, including USA (MIT), Canada (CRT, Montréal), Great-Britain (Imperial College, DTLR), France (INRETS and CERTU), the Netherlands (CBS), Italy (University of Naples), Sweden (KTH Stockholm, University of Gothenburg), amongst others.

Here is the TRG team :


Philippe Toint

Pierre Yves Bernard
Marie Castaigne
Bertrand Chenal
Cinzia Cirillo

Eric Cornelis

Jean-Paul Hubert
Laetitia Legrain

Anne Malchair
Joëlle Vandevoorde

Teaching assistant

Benoît Colson


Murielle Haguinet


Myriam Matthys

Pierre Yves Bernard - March 3rd 2004 - FUNDP - Sciences - Math
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