Large Rivers

Phytoplankton in lowland rivers may represent a major part of primary production in regulated and non-regulated sections, thereby determining the pathways of organic matter and nutrients. Potamoplankton plays a key role in determining the most important water quality variables: it is a major source of oxygen, and it generates autochthonous organic matter, easily degraded by bacteria. In severe cases of eutrophication, algal blooms may have serious consequences on water quality, increasing the cost of water treatment for drinking water supply and modulating the ecological impact of power plants.

As in lakes, phytoplankton responds to environmental changes, such as changes in land use in the watershed, increase of nutrient loading, and river management operations. LFE has an expertise on plankton dynamics in temperate lowland rivers, with a focus on the role of physical processes controlling plankton development and on biotic interactions taking place between phytoplankton and planktonic and benthic grazers. Recent research focuses on long-term changes, mainly  in the River Meuse (Belgium), and on the impact of the invasive Asian clam, Corbicula, on potamoplankton biomass, production and composition, and on subsequent alteration of ecosystem processes.


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