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B45(AM) is a queen of Buckfast Teeltstation Ameland mated in 2014, descendant G14 of Atlas85R. She is a Buckfast who comes from a line of pure sahariensis-combination well established.

  B45(AM) =   .14 – B149(AM) aml B226(AM)    [21 dr.c.] :   .12 – B703(AM) aml L083(WF)    [18 dr.c.] :  
        .11 – B44(AS) ivq × aml B121(AM)    [16 dr.c.] :   .07 – B14(AS) ins B82(AS)    :  
        .04 – B77(AS) ins EL42(AS)    [4 dr.c.] :   .02 – B49(AS) wbg B202(GEK)    [20 dr.c.] :  
        .00 – B28(AS) wbg B322(GEK)    [12 dr.c.] :  imq .98 – KB057 nex KB038    [12 dr.c.] :  
        .95 – KB408 nex KB096    :   .93 – KB270 nex KB411    :  
        .91 – KB217 nex KB131    [10 dr.c.] :   .88 – S-439 ieg × sjr 04-30    :  
        .86 –  S-6 shr B-182    [6 dr.c.] :   .85 – Atlas ieg × shr B-193    [4 dr.c.] :  
   imq .85 – Atlas85R × AtlasM      (pure sahariensis)
    Pedigree of B45(AM) :
four generations presented  
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Color code and Abbreviations
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and Drones are Aunt-Nephews : that would correspond by us to a Sister-Brothers crossing.
Queen and Drones result of a cross between two different lines : interesting to increase their resistance and qualities.
(-) (BA):Brother Adam 1898-1996 † (Karl Kehrle Foundation)
AM :Teeltstation Ameland
AS :Alfred & Sabine Schrüfer (DE)
(AM) (BAM):Buckfast Teeltstation Ameland
CS :Christian Salau (DE)
EA (EAN):Egon Andersson (SE)
GEK :Gunter Eckardt (DE)
HJG :Hermann-Josef Gerling (DE)
HR :Hans Røy (DK)
KÅH (KAH):Kjell Hallberg (SE)
KB :Keld Brandstrup (DK)
PS :Poul Erik Sørensen †2012(57) (DK)
ST :Peter Stougård (DK)
TR :Thomas Rueppel (DE)
WF :Wietze Faber (NL)
Races — Do use them
O:(EL) monticola Elgon
Importation mode
ieg :Eggs imported (brood comb)
imq :Laying queen imported
ivq :Virgin queen imported
Mating Places, etc
alr :Alrø island, Odder (DK)
aml :Ameland island (NL – Friesland)
inag :Instrumental insemination (DE)
inas :Instrumental insemination (DE)
ins :Instrumental insemination
nex :Nekselø island (DK)
shr :Sherberton (Dartmoor, GB)
sjr :Sejerø island (DK)
tun :Tunø island (DK)
wbg :Weißberg-Rennsteig (DE)
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