Karine Van Doninck Lab

Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology (LEGE)

>> Symposium honoring Matt Meselson, Harvard Magazine.


>> TEDx conference - February 28th, 2018.


>> WATS Award - February 22th, 2018.


>> Keynote speaker at the Cold Spring Harbor meeting "The Biology of Genomes" - May 9th till 13th, 2017.


>> May 2017, The magazine Charlie selected the Top 25 Belgian influential personalities, Prof. Karine Van Doninck is in the list.


>> January 2017, Press release on Karine Van Doninck related to the ERC Consolidator Grant obtained


>> January 2017, Television CanalC : Une biologiste de l’UNamur récompensée au niveau européen !


>> March 2016, Press release on Bdelloid rotifers related to our results published in Current biology (2016)


>> September 2015 - Television NTR: De Kennis van Nu - the bdelloid rotifers (movies from artist Wim van Egmond) and Karine artistically highlighted


>> May 2015, debate on RTL television about the conservation of endangered species. Prof. Van Doninck is an invited speaker.


>> November 2014, Press release on Bdelloid rotifers related to our results published in Nature (2013) and Journal of Evolutionary Biology (2014)


>> July/August 2013, Press releases of our article published in Nature (doi:10.1038/nature12326)

International Press releases in: Maxisciences, Futura Sciences, Phys.Org, Lenta.ru, Science Daily, National Geographic (http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2013/07/25/how-to-survive-50-million-years-without-sex/), Discover Magazine (blog), GenomeWeb, France 3, Science.gouv.fr, Le Monde (http://www.lemonde.fr/sciences/article/2013/07/22/un-monde-sans-sexe_3450914_1650684.html), National Press releases in: Le soir (pdf), De Morgen (pdf), De Standaard (pdf), De Knack (pdf)

>> July 2012, Brussels, European Marie-Curie conference, co-organized with TEDx

John Bohannon decided to dance some scientific topics of Marie-Curie fellows (when science meets dance, dance meets science). The research of Karine Van Doninck, former Marie-Curie fellow in 2007, was selected. In the following link you can see the different dances: in the second part, the fourth dance (1:27 till 6:40 minutes) is on the bdelloid rotifers and their desiccation process.

>> Novembre 2011- Television Ned2: Wetenschap 24 – Labyrint

This scientific program of LAYBRINT (on Ned2 television) is about the topic ‘sex, orgasm and how organisms can persist without sex’. The last 13 minutes are about asexual organisms (from 17:30 to 30:12 minutes). Prof. Ken Kraaijeveld and Prof. Karine Van Doninck present their research; you can observe the bdelloid rotifers (‘raderdiertjes’) and Corbicula clams we are studying in the LEGE group.

>> February 2010 – Television rtbf: Jardin extraordinaire

This scientific program is dealing with the topic invasive species and the LEGE scientist Lise-Marie Pigneur presents our research on invasive, androgenetic Corbicula clams.

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