Below are listed blog contributions by outgoing FUNDP Erasmus students in Germanic languages and literatures (as well as one contribution by an incoming exchange student). These texts are provided 'as is', without corrections, since they were corrected 'offline', on paper, after publication online.


Universität Innsbruck

(fall semester 2011) by Jill Aerts

(fall semester 2010) by Cécile Leclercq

(fall semester 2010) by Joris De Ruysscher

(fall semester 2009) by Elodie Valet

(fall semester 2009) by Caroline Clément

Flemish Region & the Netherlands

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

(fall semester 2011) by Valérie Braem

(fall semester 2011) by Fabien Duroisin

(fall semester 2011) by Martin Gerard

(fall semester 2010) by Caroline Stoquart

(fall semester 2010) by Nathalie Mioli

(fall semester 2010) by Valentine Etienne

(fall semester 2009) by Elodie Silliard

(fall semester 2009) by Pauline Nakad

(fall semester 2009) by Cécile Duterme

(fall semester 2008) by Mélissa Henry

(fall semester 2008) by Charles Docq

(fall semester 2007) by Delphine Debande

(fall semester 2007) by Charlotte Collard

(fall semester 2007) by Maud Michel

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

(fall semester 2011) by Vivian Collard

(fall semester 2011) by Caroline Laurent

(fall semester 2010) by Florence Vandevondele

(fall semester 2010) by Sylvie Cujas

(fall semester 2009) by Jessica Meyer

(fall semester 2009) by Mélina Charlier

(fall semester 2008) by Sophie Custine

(fall semester 2008) by Quentin Poncelet

(fall semester 2007) by Anaïs Noël

(fall semester 2007) by Nathalie Blouard

Universiteit Maastricht

(fall semester 2011) by Morgane Hazard

(fall semester 2011) by Simon Nulens

(fall semester 2010) by Stéphanie de Wilde

(fall semester 2009) by Floriane Louis

(fall semester 2009) by Yaël Haelterman

(fall semester 2008) by Ludivine Detournay

(fall semester 2008) by Nolan Henno

(fall semester 2007) by Margaux Pauwels

(fall semester 2007) by Anne Bohon

(fall semester 2006) by Xavier Oberneck

Universiteit Utrecht

(fall semester 2011) by Justine Dumont

(fall semester 2011) by Emmanuel Duquesne

(fall semester 2010) by Leonard Leroy

(fall semester 2010) by Hélène Verhaeghe

(fall semester 2009) by Camille Mertens

(fall semester 2009) by Marie Collage

(fall semester 2008) by Simon Labate

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

(fall semester 2007) by Sybille Bataille and Julie Boelen

(fall semester 2006) by Caroline Grotenclaes


TU/FU Berlin

(fall semester 2011) by Chloé Cools

(fall semester 2010) by Mélanie Dessouroux

(fall semester 2010) by Vinciane Pirard

(fall semester 2009) by Marie Boueyrie

(fall semester 2008) by Mathilde de Fraipont

(fall semester 2008) by Anne-Sophie Dessouroux

(fall semester 2007) by Marie-Amélie Lenaerts

(fall semester 2006) by Anaïs Deumer

Universität zu Köln

(fall semester 2011) by Mathieu Pirsoul

(fall semester 2010) by Jennifer Dartevelle

(fall semester 2009) by Abigail Zinque

(fall semester 2008) by Ana-Alicia Lamontagne

(fall semester 2008) by Joyce Aerts

(fall semester 2007) by Vincent Guillaume

(fall semester 2007) by Justine Vanderschueren

(fall semester 2006) by Marine Bonato

(fall semester 2006) by Vanessa Marmignon


University College Cork

(fall semester 2011) by Angèle Mars

(fall semester 2011) by Sophie Trigaux

(fall semester 2011) by Elisa Venturi

(fall semester 2010) by Marie Defraigne

(fall semester 2010) by Sandrine Leeuwerck

(fall semester 2009) by Marie Demez

(fall semester 2008) by Bruno Brunetta

(fall semester 2008) by Pierre-Yves Moyen

(fall semester 2008) by Aurélie Lhoas

(fall semester 2007) by Michaël Degodenne

(fall semester 2007) by Aurora Choffray

(fall semester 2006) by Florence Hennuy

(fall semester 2006) by Aline Peremans

United Kingdom

University of Kent at Canterbury

(fall semester 2011) by Myriam Carlier

(fall semester 2011) by Lorenz Somja

Incoming students

from University College Cork

(fall and spring semester 2009-2010) by Eoin Deasy

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