Dutch-Belgian Database Day 2008



The Dutch Belgian Database Day (DBDBD) is a yearly one-day workshop organized in a Belgian or Dutch university, whose general topic is database research. DBDBD invites submissions (1 page abstract) on a broad range of database and database-related topics, including but not limited to data storage and management, theoretical database issues, database performance, data mining, information retrieval, data semantics, querying, ontologies etc. Based on the submissions, the workshop will be organized in different sessions each covering a particular topic.


At the DBDBD, junior researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium can present their recent results. It is an excellent opportunity to meet up with your Belgian/Dutch colleagues, and to get informed about the (recent) database-related research performed in Belgian/Dutch universities. The workshop is also open to non-Belgian/Dutch participants (presentations are in English).


The DBDBD 2008 is organized under auspices of SIKS, the Dutch research school for information and knowledge systems and the Belgian Graduate School in Computing Science (GRASCOMP). The event is sponsored by the FNRS. This year, DBDBD will be held at the Arsenal, located at the heart of the charming city of Namur (Belgium), on Friday October 10th, 2008.











Towards a Geometric Interpretation of Double-Cross Matrix-based Similarity of Polylines

Bart Moelans (Hasselt University & Transnational University of Limburg)


Leveraging Ontologies for Geo-Database Interoperability in Location-Based Services

Serge Boucher and Esteban Zimányi (Université Libre de Bruxelles)




Data Mining


Using Quick Inclusion-Exclusion for Fault-Tolerant Pattern Mining

Calin Garboni (University of Antwerp), Toon Calders (TU Eindhoven), Bart Goethals (University of Antwerp), and Céline Robardet (INSA-Lyon)


Searching for Trends and Profiles in a Governmental Database: a Data Mining Approach

Jan van Dijk (Ministerie van Justitie – WODC)


Nonparametric Monotone Classification with MOCA

Nicola Barile (Utrecht University)


Dicrimination-Aware Data Mining

Faisal Kamiran and Toon Calders (TU Eindhoven)






Ordering of XPath Steps and Joins at Runtime

Riham Abdel Kader (University of Twente)


Efficient Distribution of Full-Fledged XQuery Using Runtime Projection

Ying Zhang, Nan Tang, and Peter Boncz (CWI)


XML Multidimensional Modeling and Querying

Boris Verhaegen (Université Libre de Bruxelles)






Business Process Modeling in the tOWL Language

Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar, and Uzay Kaymak (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


Towards a Calculus for Collection-Oriented Scientific Workflows with Side Effects

Jan Hidders (Delft University of Technology)




Column-Store Support for RDF Data Management: not all swans are white

Lefteris Sidirourgos (CWI)


A Co-Transformational Approach to Database Applications Evolution

Anthony Cleve (University of Namur)







Important Dates


Submission Deadline (1 page abstract):

September 19th, 2008


September 26th, 2008

Program online:

September 28th, 2008

Registration deadline:

October 3nd, 2008

Dutch-Belgian Database Day:

October 10th, 2008



Submissions should contain:

  • the name of the author,
  • his/her university and research group with his/her position,
  • the title,
  • a one-page abstract, and,
  • if applicable: reference(s) to papers covered by the proposed presentation.


The submission should be sent as a pdf-file to dbdbd08@gmail.com.
Abstracts and presentations will be published on the workshop's website soon.



Registration is necessary and is possible by sending an email on or before the 3rd of October with subject "registration" to dbdbd08@gmail.com with your name and affiliation (and whether or not you are a SIKS member). Registration costs will be 40 euro to be paid on site (CASH only!). This includes lunch, drinks & coffee, and a reception. Due to the cooperation between SIKS and the local organization of DBDBD all SIKS-members (phd-students, research fellows, associated members) can participate for free.




The Dutch-Belgian Database Day 2008 will be held at the Arsenal, located at the heart of the charming city Namur (Belgium). The full address of the location is:

11, rue Bruno
5000 Namur

The Arsenal is located on the campus of the University of Namur (How to get there). It is less than fifteen minutes on foot from the main train station and only five minutes on foot from the historical city center.


Local Organizers

The Dutch-Belgian Database Day 2008 is organized by the PReCISE Research Center of the Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix de Namur, PRiSME of the Louvain School of Management, the Science des Systemes d'Information of the Universite de Mons-Hainaut. The local organizers are Prof. dr Philippe Thiran and Prof. dr Jef Wijsen.


Steering Committee

  • Sven Casteleyn (VUB, organizer 2006)
  • Pieter De Leenheer (VUB, organizer 2006)
  • Toon Calders (TU/Eindhoven, organizer 2007)
  • Mykola Pechenizkiy (TU/Eindhoven, organizer 2007)
  • Philippe Thiran (FUNDP and Louvain School of Management - Namur, organizer 2008)
  • Jef Wijsen (UMH-Mons, organizer 2008)


Additional Information

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